Xoc Dia 2

Xoc Dia 2 introduces an exciting twist to the classic Shake The Plate game. It’s an even-odds game featuring four chips, each with red and white sides, positioned beneath a bowl. Give the plate a shake, bet on colours and numbers, and encounter the exhilarating lightning feature, capable of multiplying wins by up to 20x!

Fan Tan Classic

Fan Tan Classic invites players to a game of white buttons, a cup, and a small stick. Watch the buttons dance under the dome, wager stakes, from one to four, and unveil the cup to reveal the final set of buttons remained!

Dragon Tiger 2

Dragon Tiger 2 introduces a thrilling twist to the classic card game. Watch as the dealer reveals two cards, one for the dragon and one for the tiger. Predict which one will reign supreme or explore a range of other betting options on the individual cards. Keep an eye out for the lightning 2x bonus, which could multiply winnings by an astounding 20x!

Coin Toss

Get ready for the thrill of Coin Toss where players make guesses and bet on Head or Tail, vying for their shot at Victory. Experience an electrifying lightning bonus, supercharge your winnings and explore the 4-coin version with a higher payout!

Bola Golek

Bola Golek is a popular Indonesian street game played in Malaysia and Indonesia. The game is represented by 3 different symbols in 4 different colours. The player can choose to bet between 12 options. After the bet is placed, the dealer places a rubber ball from a corner onto a 6×6 playing board, the ball will move unpredictably around the board until it stops at a symbol which will determine the winning symbol and colour. Bola Golek comes with 2x bonus feature that would appear randomly on any symbol and colour. If it lands on your betting options, you might receive winnings up to 20x!

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