Sugar Blast Frenzy

Get ready for a sugar rush like no other. Sugar Blast is a slot reel-style game with a delightful twist. Eliminate candy symbols to create the most tantalising winning combination.
The more combos you create, the sweeter the rewards!
You can choose to start your game by firing up to three powerful cannon bombs, landing on a random position within a 3×3 grid.
Match 5 or more identical candies in a row and be rewarded with a special bomb activation, which you can use to smash candies into colourful bits.

Cockfighting Arena

Experience the intensity of Cockfighting Arena, where strategy merges with spectacle in the ultimate clash of roosters. Choose your champion and step into the ring

Cash Rocket

Cash Rocket offers a thrilling multiplayer experience where participants predict the distance a rocket will travel. Prior to liftoff, players place their bets and strategically eject before explosion to secure their earnings.


Minesweeper is a game of chance where players dig up hidden treasure and avoid bombs on a 5×5 field.

KM Virtual Horse Racing

KM Virtual Horse Racing is a fun and exciting game that simulates a real-life horse racing experience. 8 racehorses and jockeys compete against each other to race around the racecourse to the finish line. Players must predict which horses will finish in the top three and root for their favorite horses to win! Players may bet on 36 options. Every round, there will be a chance to trigger the Lucky Horse Bonus, which may appear on a horse number at random, and every bet option related to the horse number that wins will be multiplied between 2x and 5x.

Andar Bahar

Andar Bahar is a popular and simple card game originated from Southern India. The game uses a deck of 52 cards. The dealer will draw the first card and place it in the middle of the betting table. The first card is called the middle card. Players may then choose to bet between two sides, known as Andar and Bahar. The remainder cards are then being dealt to each side one at a time. The game ends if one side is dealt a card that matches with the value of the middle card. We have also added 9 enticing side bets to bring more excitement to the game! With these side bets, players can make their predictions and bet on the number of cards that may be dealt in a single round. Andar Bahar comes with a 2x bonus feature that appears randomly on the betting table. If it lands on your betting options, you might receive winnings up to 240x!

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