Jackpot Jump is KingMidas next-gen game of chance game

Jackpot Jump

Jackpot Jump delivers heart-racing excitement in every round! In this round-based game of chance, you must carefully select a planned route and make it till

Penguin Panic

Penguin Panic is a social multiplayer game that puts a fun twist on the classic minesweeper style gameplay. Place your bets on an ice tile

Interstellar Run

Join the space race in Interstellar Run, a high-speed multiplayer game that launches three rockets into the cosmos, challenging you to predict how far they

Elite Aviator Club

Feel the excitement of flight with the Elite Aviator Club, a dynamic multiplayer game where the sky’s the limit! As the multiplier scales up, choose

Olympus Glory

Transform your destiny in Olympus Glory, a plinko-style game where every drop holds the key to your fortune! Release the balls and embrace chance as

Cash Rocket

Cash Rocket offers a thrilling multiplayer experience where participants predict the distance a rocket will travel. Prior to liftoff, players place their bets and strategically eject before explosion to secure their earnings.

KM Power Ball

KM Power ball is a simple game of chance. Choose between 3×5 or 5×5 game mode, buy bingo cards and match the highest patterns or lines in one card to win! After the betting round is over, the purchased bingo cards have a chance to be generated as either gold, diamond or rainbow bonus cards.

Colour Game

Step into the world of Colour Game. Three colourful dice dance on a wooden board, while players place bets on the chromatic outcome.


In Plinko, players bet on green, blue, yellow, or random A ball drops, navigates through pegs, and lands in a numbered pocket.


Minesweeper is a game of chance where players dig up hidden treasure and avoid bombs on a 5×5 field.

Max Keno

Dive headfirst into the world of Max Keno, a riveting lottery-style game. Marvel as 20 unique numbers emerge from an 80-number pool, summoned by the capricious whims of a random number generator (RNG). Place bets, anticipate the total of these chosen numbers, and surrender to the thrilling embrace of the enigmatic!


Heist is a game of chance where players advance to the highest floor by guessing the correct windows without getting caught.

Coin Toss

Get ready for the thrill of Coin Toss where players make guesses and bet on Head or Tail, vying for their shot at Victory. Experience an electrifying lightning bonus, supercharge your winnings and explore the 4-coin version with a higher payout!

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