Cockfighting Arena

Experience the intensity of Cockfighting Arena, where strategy merges with spectacle in the ultimate clash of roosters. Choose your champion and step into the ring

Coin Pusher

Get ready for an adrenaline rush with Coin Push that will lead you to ultimate wealth! Drop coins, nudge them toward prizes, and top off the Bonus Meter for a variety of surprise events that yield rewards from the Special Slots. Get ready to drop, push, and win in this captivating arcade experience!

KM Virtual Animal Race

KM Virtual Animal Race, players place bets on their favourite animals where they race to conquer obstacles and reach the finish line. Unlock a chance to activate a Lucky Animal 2-5x bonus! Embark on a delightful adventure with our charming animal friends in this high-speed racing extravaganza.

KM Virtual Treadmill Racing

KM Virtual Treadmill Racing features 8 karts in a thrilling elimination race on an accelerating treadmill. Players may stand a chance to activate the Double Lightning Bonus for bigger rewards! Choose a kart and aim for victory!

KM Virtual Greyhound Racing

Introducing Virtual Greyhound Racing – A simulation of real-life hounds, virtual thrill. 6 racers chase the finish line. Bet on top dogs, cheer for the stars of the race.

KM Marble Knockout

KM Marble Knockout – the race of survival. 4 teams with 16 marbles each where obstacles await. Players pick their favourite, guess the victor, and play the odds.


In Plinko, players bet on green, blue, yellow, or random A ball drops, navigates through pegs, and lands in a numbered pocket.

Monkey King Roulette

Monkey King Roulette transforms the roulette into an experience inspired by Journey to the West. Players select iconic symbols and win by matching their chosen symbol with the winning symbol.


Minesweeper is a game of chance where players dig up hidden treasure and avoid bombs on a 5×5 field.

KM Virtual Horse Racing

KM Virtual Horse Racing is a fun and exciting game that simulates a real-life horse racing experience. 8 racehorses and jockeys compete against each other to race around the racecourse to the finish line. Players must predict which horses will finish in the top three and root for their favorite horses to win! Players may bet on 36 options. Every round, there will be a chance to trigger the Lucky Horse Bonus, which may appear on a horse number at random, and every bet option related to the horse number that wins will be multiplied between 2x and 5x.


Heist is a game of chance where players advance to the highest floor by guessing the correct windows without getting caught.

Fruit Roulette

Fruit Roulette bursts with excitement! Witness the light dancing, stopping on vibrant symbols. Discover bonuses like Multipliers, Sunshine, Caterpillar, and Rainbow for big wins! With 6 fruity symbols, 4 vibrant colors, and endless combinations, pick a winning mix and taste victory!

Dota Hi-Lo

Dota Hi-Lo is a unique high or low (hi-lo) dice game derived from our popular Thai Hi-Lo game. Defeated enemies turn into dice rolls, and players win if they bet on the predicted results correctly.

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